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The Most Beautiful Land

Located between the Sea of the Antilles and the Atlantic Ocean, Cuba is an insular country bathed by the sun and full with human heat. Its hardened history and its legendary beauty have made of her a mystic island. When the Genovese sailor stepped this earth in 1492, Christopher Columbus exclaimed: «this it is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen».

The archipelago of Cuba, composed by a main island and multiple keys and rocky islands, presents a great variety of landscapes conjugating massive mountainous, fence agricultural and extensive beaches of fine sand.

The Cuban cities store architectural and cultural wealth of world fame that has allowed Havana and Trinidad to receive the title of World Heritage conferred by the UNESCO. The different times for those that have crossed the country are manifested inclusive better in the construction of the conserved cities and the numerous artistic-cultural manifestations are testimony of the spiritual wealth of Cuba.

The Cuban people have won a reputation well maintaining its happiness of living and its sense of the festivity. Extremely hospitable, this population enjoys showing the particularities of her culture and sharing her customs with the visitors that welcomes you with approval and love.

But this territory, more than a seductive earth for its natural beauties, is a place of contrasts that it has been known how to explode for the visitors' happiness...

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Varadero: the most beatifull beach

La hermosa playa de Varadero acoge a miles de turistas por estos dias durante la celebración del Torneo Internacional de la Pesca de Aguja...

Jardines del Rey

The impetuous tourist development of its north key parts has distinguished it during the last years to the center-oriental province of Ciego de Ávila, fertile, extended mainly flat territory on 6 910 surface km2, in whose underground big reservations of submerged waters, and the raw of higher qualit...

Hotel NH Parque Central
La Habana Vieja

Hotel Sol Palmeras
Varadero, Matanzas

Hotel Paradisus Rio de Oro
Playa Esmeralda, Holguín

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